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Conversation Between theTDguy and Person McPerson

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  1. I know. I guess the site doesn't allow pictures of it shown elsewhere. I think. I deleted the post by the way.
  2. Can't see your picture in the Chat Thread.
  3. to answer your question about deleting posts is impossible due to 2D, click on Damian's signature to know why. Click on "I tried."
  4. ayyyy you play Kingdom Rush? Favorite hero?
  5. She actually called Clairy or Claire from the pastry Eclair.
  6. Eclair is your cat? There's a user here called EclairCat.
  7. read your posts and kinda know why gildedguy has no sound effects. First you need to find them which is pretty hard. Then add them at the exact right time, which is pretty hard sometimes. Meanwhile with music just put it in.
  8. what similarities does Veir have with Nish?
  9. Yes sure! No need to ask.
  10. hey, you seem like a cool person to have on the forums. Can I give you a friend request?
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