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Conversation Between Person McPerson and Firewall

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  1. Yeah I know, I was just shitposting sarcasm
  2. Tecness WAS a mod at some point.
  3. goddamnit every time I see a notif I assume it's an infraction, quit scaring me

    oh yeah, and I meant that message just to stay on the VM page tbh, didn't mean to contact anyone
  4. holy fuck how and why did you forget people won't see your VM because you're posting it on your own profile?
  5. A few times when I was a kid and had nothing better to do lol

    I regret nothing.
  6. yep, you try it before?
  7. Nothing like toothpaste and orange juice in the morning to wake you up
  8. pm jeff
  9. graupghofhoihffioaf

    im still a newblet on SP okay

    ps how2change name
  10. (sigh) You reply to me by going to my profile and clicking VMs. That way I get a notification when you say something. By posting here, you're only notifying yourself.
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