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Conversation Between Person McPerson and Conflate.

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  1. Yeah, just said that because I'm too lazy to do anything else other than what I am doing right now.
    Not sure what you meant with the thing you said before that though, what does that mean? Are you talking about becoming a mod or something?
  2. ... what? I think we were talking about 2 different things.
  3. Nah I'd rather just stick to making my crappy sketch animations because I'm too lazy to make an actual animation with color, shading and all.
  4. okay. well join the SP discord server.
  5. School, been working out, was addicted to league of legends. So yeah I was always here just too lazy or out of time to animate.
  6. where have you been?
  7. Yeah now that I'm on break. I had some time for animating, and I had a great RHG character idea in mind, so yeah why not.
  8. and you're back.
  9. Yeah and I'm remaking my RHG, Grace is dead.
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