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Conversation Between PitchEnder and Person McPerson

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  1. Im just not a people person, since i locked myself away from people for most of my childhood.
  2. I guess you lack common sense, that's all. But that's alright, a lot of ppl do.
  3. That's actually funny, since my IQ was 128 when i was in the 5th grade.
  4. I swear, somebody's going to make fun of you for saying your wRHG has an IQ of 227, especially considering how many people think you're dumb.
  5. hey, am I on your level?
  6. lol, thanks
  7. You're officially my favorite user of the site.
    You remind me of myself.
  8. I find forum games extremely confusing even with Hewitts "Simplified" rule set.
  9. you should've joined Hewitt's game. then we could alliance.
  10. Sure
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