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Conversation Between Drone and PitchEnder

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  1. lol
  2. I mean, I'm not sure why you keep repeating this like it does something... You would have to reply to me for me to continue being off topic anyway. If it makes you feel like a big man to pretend to be a forum mod then you can continue though I guess lol
  3. doesn't matter drone. Stop being off topic.
  4. Honestly, infractions mean much less to me than they do to you, and going off topic in the poll section rarely results in infraction anyway so I'm not really too worried about anything
  5. Well too bad. Stop being off topic :P
  6. From the beginning your post was off topic, can't really go all "stop being off topic" like you're taking some kind of high ground
  7. Drone stop we are going to get infracted
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