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Conversation Between XaioShadow and Mental

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  1. Yeah I've been good too. I haven't animated in ages though
  2. Very well, been drawing during months, and you?
  3. hiya :3 what's up?
  4. DUDEEEEE it's been a whileeeee (Im Metal2 btw)
  5. Ok no problem.
  6. sorry :I
    i'm already in a clan...
  7. Hey man, im making a clan, and i need members to start it, so if you are interesed, i invite you to join
  8. on the artwork forum Xero mde a thread called "Chao Avatars" or something like that, just go on there and ask him to make you one
  9. hey, just to say, how you and xero you get that chao s picture? i want too
  10. woo! awesome thx!
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