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Conversation Between Phaxtolgia and Mustika

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  1. Whelp, apparently. XD

    Oh and I had a question regarding Emerald, but I forgot. x.x
  2. Holy what. It's really exactly opposite o_o
  3. Okay we live in the exact opposite timezomes (GMT-5)

    Prior to the post of this message, its 11:11pm. :L
  4. I don't mind receiving VMs late night, I just won't be able to do real-time chat like IRCs and that kind.
    GMT + 7, it's 10:50 am right now. How bout you?
  5. Wait. Ik you're in Indonesia, but what time is it exactly for you, so I don't end up sending you messages at unpleasant timings? :P
  6. The weekend business is for family events so, yea XD

    And at the time you VM'd me, it's already quite late night in my side so I was quite tired. .-.

    And yes, it is
  7. busy for that long? dang. x.x

    I wonder if I'm going to be that busy when I go to college.

    UPDATE: Also channel is #batman right?
  8. Heey, I know. Quite unfortunate I'll be busy for the rest of the day so I think I'll pass until several hours.
    And incoming weekend business where I won't be able to access internet, so we'll see about my luckiness later.
  9. heyoooooo

    IRC Chat.

    If time allows. :P
  10. And I do love listening to ideas X3

    Athena sounds rad. What's it all about?
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