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Conversation Between Phaxtolgia and Skyler ( adiva zahwa )

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  1. A random helloo from a familiar visitor. :P

    Also judging by the other conversations on your wall, you must be into animating?
  2. hmm i see
  3. Flash CS6, but I'm about to change programs soon.
  4. owh i see. yup. Anyway, what program u use ?
  5. I actually don't really have any particular goal tbh. The only goal that can be considered, is "because i can."
  6. owh i see... intresting . So , whats your goal ?
  7. It's a reaper from SC2, animated by Carbot. :L
  8. Well nothing more then i like animation with stories . Anyway , your Avatar looks cute , who is that ?
  9. Well I'm planning to make this RHG unique by narrating and extending his story for each battle he fights, regardless of win or loss scenario. The animations will also explain the stories as well.
  10. Yeah.... ok then . So do you have any kind of goal ? mostly everyone here is .... as we know... animators . Are you the same as those or there is more then that ?
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