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Conversation Between Creepin_Bro and Person McPerson

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  1. nah, you're good, I took no offense in from it
  2. sorry for acting super defensive yesterday
  3. That's my usual tone m8
  4. Ok, 'twas a misunderstanding then, so don't be going all CSI Miami on my ass
  5. not just my preferences. I'm 99% sure there's at least a few other people who also think the same thing. Also, I meant NEXT TIME he should make it slower, and even then, it doesn't take much effort to make something slower. Just put it in iMovie or something and make it slower. Boom, done. So no, I wasn't joking. Deal with it. B)
  6. Thanks man
    I drew Creep and made his name, Aslime1999 made the base of the sig though.
    I don't have room in my sig to credit him, I'll probably just update the image some time
  7. cool new sig
  8. Ya, I probably will
  9. might wanna remove your toribash thread, nobody posts anything on it anymore.
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