StickPage Spring Animation Competition - For Glory: eSports - $5,000 in prizes, 15 placements, $1,500 first prize!
BEGINNER'S StickPage Spring Animation Competition - Unconventional Weapons - $1,000 in prizes!

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  1. dud this is insane. Intermediate already hv their payment 1 week ago
  2. Nope D:
  3. Hv u?
  4. ): ay.. ofc I hvn't get mine. I was afraid that I send the wrong email lol
    idk why stone released mine first >_> prtty much disappointing :| but, I guess this is a common problem of stickpage's competition
  5. Nope ): They also haven't released my animation yet D: Have you received yours?
  6. hv u accept ur payment?
  7. Ikr...But as long as we get our payment, I guess it's worth the wait
  8. :^( ew. May. 1 month.
  9. Nope! I think we get paid after they release our animation...
  10. Hv u gt da pyment yet? I haven't get it on my paypal lol.
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