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Conversation Between Xate and Canis Majoris

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  1. Sorry about the disappearance, I went without a comp for a good while and couldn't write anything for a fair bunch. I'm not sure if you're still up for that battle we had planned?
  2. It's not that I can't rework him into a better character, but I don't feel I could do him justice considering what he was supposed to be like (powerful warrior who sought out challenges) and what he ended up being (lazy guy who likes bloodshed). I need to make a character whose personality (and abilities) I'm comfortable writing while still sorta getting out of the comfort zone. I'm not really shy about my past work (It's not that bad, to be honest with myself, just the characters) so that's not an issue, and neither is the rust. I've been writing for a while, just not on Stickpage, and mostly RPs.
  3. Yeah.

    Or perhaps, you can even write Caesar again, but this time aiming to reinvent him. Even a bland character can be great due to the writer's talents. If the character itself sucks? Create new characters that can easily challenge Caesar, both in strengths and values. Heck, your new character? Pit him/her against Caesar, and see what develops from their encounter. It's like "making peace with your past", and not being shy about your past work. If you want, we can even engage in an RP battle: we each describe the world and our character in "turns". Interested? In the meantime, try writing short works to unrust.
  4. Oh yes, definitely. I'm scrapping Caesar, though. I feel he doesn't stick out enough personality-wise for me to write more of him, and his abilities were rather generic, I feel. I'll figure out a better combatant to write.
  5. I do. So, planning on heading back to writing?
  6. I'm back. Not that you would remember me; but I had Caesar as a character in wRHG.
  7. Hello there. I'll be here for a while, so I can help you with the personality if you want. And I need a bit more info on Caesar's.
  8. Mind giving me an in-depth version of Legion's personality? Since I have to tone down the bloodlust A LOT. Em fairy tales.
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