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Conversation Between Devour and GuardianTempest

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  1. )))))))
  2. Oh wow you really do have a rotating sig now
  3. Devour, are the guards dragging the chariot to the grounds or has it stopped so they can personally take the prisoners to the gallows?
  4. I mean that the spoiler holding the characters...isn't.
  5. Whatcha talking about? I dont see any spoilers that shouldnt be there
  6. It's been a few days and you haven't fixed the spoilers in your Alien thread.
  7. Yup! There's quite a lot of spots open still actually
  8. Got any open spots on your story? I have an idea for a Demoman, I could also make a tag-along character.
  9. It's totally medieval, mostly out of necessity. Because if any "vehicles" or other things that required magic to run were manufactured, the men and women with small magical talents would be fucked
  10. So uh, does the setting take place in purely medieval or 'modernized' by magic?
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