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Conversation Between AhdoMatic and Nanite

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  1. I'm sorreh D:

    I forgot I was on xchat
  2. Ahdo! You came at a horrible time XD

    In a nutshell: A lotta the threads in the whole forum has vanished. Not sparing the clans, my clan and a lot of others have vanished, even Zetabrand and Nemesis. Worse still is that East has been totally erased from the map. Over at the General Discussion forum, there are about SEVEN Chat Threads now, if you wanna chat go to Jutsu's chat thread, if you wanna discuss this stuff, go to Crylex'

    People are still debating whether this was a horrible April Fools prank by the mods or its a very clever hacker who timed his attacks with April 1st. Also, Jeff and Rosie are banned or SEEM banned. People are hypothesizing that Jeff just change his and Rosie's name colors to red.
  3. LOL
  4. Fiiine
  5. No I didn't.
    It fits perfectly. They can try and figure out what I meant XD
  6. Dude, you ruined it D:< you're supposed to copy everything from when you said eat me XD
  7. Wait... were we drawing each other's RHGs? ._.
  8. lol cool
    I put mine in casual clothes
    I wanted to give him a suit, but that didn't work out too well >.<
  9. *pant* I actuall...Finished... *pant*

    I hope you like him as a ninja...
    ...because I made him a ninja, here.

    I'll send it to you later.
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