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Conversation Between C3WhiteRose and Rosie

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  1. I have a Skype account and I’m also the Stickpage Discord every now and again if you want to talk there. rosieanims is my Skype name if you want that.
  2. This site is the only site to contact to u, so...
    Beside i heard around that ur personal life didnt go well, i didnt try to disturb u since '2013 Magus - Rosie event' to discuss about ShadowRose - Rosie
  3. Hey, you remembered I’m still here, saying happy birthday’s the least I could do.
  4. Im surprised that u care, thank u.
  5. Happy Birthday!
  6. I did something..
    Alot of people can guess my storyline ideas just by watching it
  7. So...I get it now, thats the reason.
    I actually have another plan for vs Rosie, but i cant work on it for now, may be a year later.
  8. Sorry about that, I've had quite a few personal issues to get over, and I guess your message must have just slipped by. Oops.
  9. Camila asked me for a RHG right after she watched 'ShadowRose vs Shura'. But later she was into Undertale game and work on it non-stop (she still into the game now).
    I tried to contact u back to 2 years ago, the whole idea in 'ShadowRose vs Jade' was meant for vs Rosie (the only different is the fight happens around BigBen tower instead of Rose garden tower). But I never got any reply from u.
  10. So you mentioned an RHG thing with my character? If you have it planned out, feel free to use my character, I don't mind. I don't really animate anymore so don't expect anything to compete with. :P
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