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Conversation Between C3WhiteRose and Terror-Sama

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  1. Happy birthday bro!
  2. Hey man..congrats on the win,loved the battle,especially your part..Would have voted for you if I was active by then..well,goodluck!
  3. Check Community project - Game vs Comic for the progress
  4. Sup..How's your battle going,You've reached 50%?
  5. Thanks mate..I would pm you but it'll be full and I don't wanna delete that massage cause I still need it..thanks again
  6. May be in the end of June, we need much time to make this a big bang battle of 2015
    Or check Community project - Game vs Comic for the progress, to see if we're about to done
  7. So when's the due date?Don't wanna miss that battle :3
  8. Yeah..I see your point
  9. Ikarhan was a free win
    Garo was better at battle scene
    Shura is even better than Garo and is a Zeta mem, that's a big different
  10. Ayt will check it..I'm sure you'll win,you won against garo and ikarhan.
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