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Conversation Between Apex-Predator and Rosie

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  1. Thanks, good to be back, frankly.
  2. Welcome back!
    Missed your presence here and on irc
  3. Uhh, thanks.
    And yes, still do.
  4. That is one badass and funny Sig you've got there lol. Also do you still animate?
  5. Yeah I here you,those kind of stupid posts still happen now they've even started doing harsh tags __ oh dear God why would they do that was my reaction when I started hearing about it
  6. I used to, but I got sick of "OMG I JUST ATE SOMETHING AND IT WAS TASTY LOLOLOLOLOLOL" and all the arguements there. So I just got rid of it.
  7. Well that's good. But Why?
    I have it and Now I can't delete it.
  8. Nope.
  9. Do you have facebook?
  10. oh kl
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