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Conversation Between GuardianTempest and Camila

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  1. If you have an important relevant update to do, sure!
  2. Is bumping allowed if you're adding to the main post?
  3. I don't know but I won't take the risk, Jutsu is apparently saving some laws and "the word we shouldn't say" rules and he mivht be saving that one for a moment in the future.
  4. I do wonder, are the laws in Jutsu's game applying to outside the thread?

  5. I found some nifty stuff.
  6. Yes I am. And well I can't do something about it. When you're new, the core mods want to make sure that you're not a spam-bot, so whenever you post/create a thread for the first time, it should be moderated
    But don't worry about it, it's not a permanent condition, you'll be posting stuff without the need of being moderated soon. Just have patience, your thread should show up soon :3
  7. Excuse me, you're the moderator of the General Help section, yes? I need help, my thread is moderated there.
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