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Conversation Between ACFH and Creepin_Bro

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  1. Welp, there is no way I can finish my anim today, or maybe even soon for that matter, so you win
    I'll make the thread, and I am going to finish my anim, but I'm ganna have to forfeit
    GG, my procrastination consumes me, I'll make the thread now
  2. It will be done today, on time


  3. Did you finish your animation ?
  4. Can do
  5. ACFH vs Creepin_Bro
    Awww yes ~
    Make the poll, I'm too busy :/
  6. You too !
  7. it's all good

    and again (I think) good luck :)
  8. Oh yes, I have more time, then. My bad, I forgot the date of the deadline
  9. I thought we were going on the 31st?
    a week after the 24th (original due date) would be the 31st
  10. Since we might have a time difference, I may post the RHG fight a few hours after the 28th
    No worries, I won't be late.

    Sorry for the double post above, it's a lag.
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