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  1. My word, it has been a while hasn't it
  2. Hi! it's been so long , ringt? ^-^
  3. no
  4. Wait so the phone is not touch screen
  5. so my mom have to buy new phone to me , but ............ is a old phone :'(
  6. well mmmmmmm no , is gone forever what can I do , back to your story that was so funny
  7. Funny things have also been happening to me....too.....3 days ago...I was at school playing football....after the match(which we won) I dash into the class and read into my bag......then I find out....don don don.....i had lost 50 bucks......aaahhh I was so scared because that was my lucky 50 which I wanted to use to buy a soda...I ask everyone and they say check your after about a gazillion tries to find the money failed....I change into my clothes only to find my wallet in my back pocket....and inside I found my 50 bucks...strange did you find your phone
  8. Ouch....that sound painful...BT did you find your phone
  9. And i go back to toilet and is nothing in there , and when my mom is coming to take me go home i say to my mom "mom , phone is gone" and my mom is so angry , my mom say "you pay for that phone!!"
  10. I put my phone in my bag i ask my friends they say "i don't know , maybe in your pocket"
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