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Conversation Between Bio and Ipman

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  2. ughhh.....
  3. check your facebook... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  4. Yeah, sometime translate dont match
  5. Hahaha ok xD I like indonesians man

    When I translated "tetapi mode itu! akan terbentuk!!"
    It said "but fashion it! Will make!"

  6. indonesian :T
    because on i wanna say *on my langgue(im bad at english) "tetapi mode itu! akan terbentuk!!" maybe i must put laugh there
  7. Haha ok man, oh btw, where do you live man? And it should be "I will make the modes" xD
  8. maybe, my rhg will not summoning, but the mode! will be make!
  9. Ah ok, bcuz I was expected you rhg to have some summoning abilities xD
  10. because, my new rhg, was really familiar to your
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