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Conversation Between AlfaAnims and techmaru

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  1. k thanks
  2. my tryout was one of my old animations for a comp. and the second one was my 20 seconds to kill CJ , i can show you my old anim but not my new ok? ill PM u later
  3. Can i see your tryout for kirin please lol
  4. sure
  5. it is alfaanims, and btw why do you wanna know my youtube account with my crappy mic which doesnt work any more
    edit* with my detective skills i found out the answer ^u^
  6. kool
  7. well tech i have some dectective skills and i can pick up lies easily with proof, but since you dont remember or care we dont need to talk about it, and after a weeks and a bit i can show my tryout and see if i get it, and whether i get in or not i will be the blacksmith like old times (hopefully).
  8. I dont remember any lies but i think u should be in kirin as long as ur good enough you seem to have a well suspicious personality
  9. you say some much things that contradict each other, therefore you must have lied at some point.
  10. is that really true? Actually no he told me he hated clans and wasnt going to make kirin so i thought of making a tryout but then i thought of this plan :I
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