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Conversation Between 15942347 and Camila

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  1. Yes.I have little free time.And should kick I out.

    And let you good luck ^ ^.
  2. I'm sorry for this chanon, but we all agreed into look for anther member, with more free time and responsible with t's duties.

    I'll have to kick you out.

    And I hope you understand this and don't get angry, good luck on finding another clan.
  3. Chanon is looking awesome, but I can't use an unfinished part D: The promo is one of the most important things in the clan, you MUST finish it this week.
  4. Sorry Camila.I am sorry.I don't know to I will very have homework.
    So It's unfinish
  5. Chanon are you finished with the promo???. You promised to me that it will be done this week.
  6. Yessir.
  7. Chanon I just can wait 1 week, I told everyone that the weekly will be released next week, we can't fail them!

    We're just waiting for you.
  8. Sorry Camila.
  9. Chanon, why you no post n the clan thread? Like to tell us if you're alive or something, I need you to be more active. And I need your promo part done.
  10. Hey, can you empty your PM folder? :3
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