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  1. The characters are from fabulous clan. the girl is angela, the guy who got blown (lol) is happy, a character sgt almost created, the guy with the glasses is ipman's rhg and the unicorn is unitato. The bood is most of the time not dark because this is a sketch, same for ground spikes, on page 21 it is the intire sword, he takes it afterwards.
    Also, the girl is shocked because her friend has exploded in front of her face and the other guy lived
    But ya do remember that it is only a sketch
  2. I guess you don't really have to redraw them again since I don't want to put the pressure on you ^^"

    I'm still not personally sure, but I just want some clarification is all. For example, on page 21, does Blaze cut the opponent's sword so that the edge of it sticks on his forehead for awhile?
    For page 32, what liquid does Blaze cough at? Blood?
    For page 36, where does the ground spike go?
    Who is Blaze grabbing on page 37 (and somehow blowing that poor guy's head up in the end on page 38 o_o)?
    And who's that girl Blaze defeated also? And I didn't really know what makes her being shocked at, until page 41.
    This, or my eyes need glasses, haha.

    Probably a little character introduction should do in my opinion, still. Unless they're on RHG universe which is linkable, then that should also suffice (only know Ipman's Strike, your Blaze, and no-one else for now). Plus, maybe thicker lines.
  3. If they dont get the meaning i'll change the panels. It is a story transmitted by drawing not by text. Is there any places where it really needs to be clearer?
  4. Ah, so that's how. Interesting so far, keep it up.

    EDIT: But just so you know, I think several words of description will be needed per page. Doesn't have to tell the whole ongoing scenarios though, just for making sure the readers will get the meaning of every important ones over there.
    And holy hell, seems your character looks so OP there, haha.
  5. Oh that is not a stickpage project! here:
    It is not done but I will finish it.
  6. So by the time you're leaving, then you're not going to finish that comic of yours, I suppose. That's quite unfortunate, just saying.

    Chau then.
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