StickPage Spring Animation Competition - For Glory: eSports - $5,000 in prizes, 15 placements, $1,500 first prize!
BEGINNER'S StickPage Spring Animation Competition - Unconventional Weapons - $1,000 in prizes!

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  1. like i sorry but you did sing up for it, like i dont know why you didnt respond before that u are unable
  2. I can use flash 8, CS6 or CC and my computer has been good recently.
    though if I join or not will depend on what the joint will be

    this was written by the same guy right?

    i took that as yes. after that you didnt say anything.
  3. What??? I can't even animate -.-
    I also never signed up for that...
  4. Reminder; tomorrow on 16 April you passing file on the next guy in the folder!
  5. Check the thread for more stuff to explame!
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