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  1. thank you for telling me these . these could be usefull if i become animator . Atleast , i can ask you about animating and other people
  2. Depends on the skill of the person who organize or joined it. I've only seen Pivot and Flash collab.
  3. owh... , and what program / application you must use to make perfect collab ?
  4. Upload the file to or fileize and and give the download link to the organizer by private messaging them
  5. How to send your collab to Organizer ?
  6. Collab is basically an anim which was animated more thanone animator. There's a rule for it, usually you get template/file for the collab and you have to animate whatever the collab is about and when u finish,send to the organizer. When they get enough part,the will compile it and you just have to wait till it releases.
  7. oh... . explain collab mean , please ?
  8. i actually havent thought about since im busy practicing and joining collab
  9. ah... that is good ... , so what project ?
  10. uhh i quit rhg bcuz i wanna do my own projects,joining collabs,and improving my skill. And of course the page was deleted so i dont have it anymore.
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