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Conversation Between PitchEnder and Azure

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  1. It would be awesome if you would leave me alone. Thanks bye.
  2. How it affects me is, to quote your own words:

    "It's none of your concern."

    Anyways, it'd be awesome to get that removed some time.
  3. How does it affect you. She isn't employed in just too lazy to take her off the list right now.
  4. It actually does affect me, so by your own logic, it's my concern.
  5. It doesn't affect you at all. Ergo it does not concern you.
  6. It's a bit my concern. ^^ All you have to do is give a relative answer. "Soon," "In a while," those work perfectly fine.
  7. It's none of your concern
  8. So, when're you removing Charry from your shop listing?
  9. Remove me from the shop, thanks.
  10. Dude, you haven't updated the front page yet. >.> I'm still categorized as an "Artist" and I'm working on Terrorarc's stuff now, I finished my other three (which you still had me listed for my first for some reason) commissions already.
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