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Conversation Between TrulyEpic and renZen

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  1. give me ur sword by flash 8 file
    and also give me ur demo so i can understand well ur rhg . kinda confusing aa bit , btw im gonna start now
  2. k
  3. sure bruh , but as i say , ill still make mine , slowly since we agreed on NO DUEDATE , i like no duedates so i can make seriously and full length .
    dont worry , our battle will be awesome , i swear .
  4. well it doesn't really matter, i animate b/c i want to improve anyways. i'll finish mine and post it. I must say I'm kinda disappointed. i was really looking forward to how the battle played out from your prospective. in other words i was looking forward to your battle. good luck with sch. n' stuff.
  5. if u want to , we can hold the battle , i will start making mine by christmas break and summer break .
  6. i already finished the storyboard shouldn't that be a forfeit for you?
  7. sorry bruh but i guess we have to cancel the fight . sorry but i am so damn busy on school time now , again im sorry .
  8. any progress?

    my sword fla.
    its my dagger and sword so yeah ,
    btw they are new weps
  10. sorry for my previous post. it was a mistake.
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