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Conversation Between acutelatios and Skyler ( adiva zahwa )

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  1. No worries deary~
    o w o
  2. oh.... i see...... thanks a lot
    o w o
  3. It depends, honestly~
    o w o
  4. and if the infraction were experied will it affect the banning ?
  5. Depends on what you did. Sometimes you just get enough infractions to be banned for a bit. However if you break a certain few rules then you will be banned forever, so it's best to be familiar with them~
    o w o
  6. Yeah . And when you get banned cause of infraction will it be banned forever ?
  7. Well, when you break a rule, you get an infraction from a mod. Is that what you're asking?
    o w o
  8. Hi acutelatios , i want to ask info about infractions , can you tell me about it ?
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