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Conversation Between Red Death and Mark XD

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  1. nice to see you back
  2. i also hope for stuff all the time
  3. I hope you revive Magmum mark!
  4. empty your pm box, itsa full,
    but i don't like the members leaving all he time, i don't like t replace my member, but they just have me so angry right now, so that is y i delete it

    i dunno
  5. Yo Mark don't feel sad this isn't you're fault. Besides you vowed never to quit your clan

    But I can help. Just get more members to replace the ones that quit. Beleive me I was sad when I shut down my clan but it was never going to be a good clan to be honest. But yours, Magnum has GREAT potential. Revive it Mark Dx
  6. nah man, i don't want to join a group, i'm sad right now
  7. ok, see ya around buddy
  8. ok, so i'm finish and i'm uploading it now, give me your link :3
  9. empty your pm box, it is full
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