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Conversation Between Xyskal and the new one2

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  1. Sup
  2. I think I just realized that I'm horribly under prepared for our battle. I'm still going to see it through though.
  3. Are you going to reply to the other message?
  4. Ok, I joined.
  5. Oh and by the way, my new clan has a discord. We can keep in touch better there.
  6. K. But would you mind holding over until our battle? I wanna incorporate it into Xal's story. And do you remember that time we talked about character ideas for that one time you wanted to change your RHG?
  7. Yeah that would be nice. I am probably getting rid of my old RHG though.
  8. Oh, sorry to hear you lost inspiration. I would suggest we have a battle to help you earn back up, but I'm kinda busy at the moment. But when I get the time, would you be up for it?
  9. Nice, I am getting back into animation. I had lost inspiration.
  10. I could say the same. My new clan has been fun. Although I am the only person who does our weeklies. I am asp slowly getting better at animating.
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