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Conversation Between Xyskal and C.B.R

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  1. Yeah...I'm not ready too!, I like rhg battles but I didn't even start to practice animations, I just know how to draw, and besides I didn't even finish my RHG , but now I know how it's gonna looks like!
    So we should take our time to practice , don't ya' think that?
  2. Did you settle on any one I showed you?
  3. Tnx!
  4. Well, I was thinking so many ideas for my RHG but...there so many characters with the same powers and abilities that I was thinking, so I'm searching some original a gay gosth robot of the future with neko ears- wait thats a terrible idea ._. ,lol, do you have any idea 4 me? :3 (fuk I'm so bad at english)
  5. Hey, do you have any ideas for what your RHG would be like?
    Oh, and to reply to this, send a visitor message to my account here:
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