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Conversation Between BBKing5 and Kursura

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  1. :3..... also i changed my RHG . releasing it today, but im stil gonna animate Nix vs Kursura . il still kurs you XD and you animate my old RHG , dont start over with my new one
  2. maybe :3 im off when its mothers day
  3. So do you want to change the deadline to the 16th?
  4. god damn busy, i was not animating like a week, im at 50%
  5. god damn busy, i was not animating like a week, im at 50%
  6. Few more days. How are you doing?
    Tight here but should be ok.
    Also, didn't realise that the due dates mothers day. Do you want to move it to the next day (16th)?
  7. i rushed that for like 20 mins. lol cause i dont want anything to bother my battle .-.
    its my clan Weekly
  8. BB, is that dojo animation roughly the same quality as your battle is it?
    "my animating is just like praetorian" I accepted you challenge on the basis that this statement was atleast reasonably accurate.
  9. Yes .-."
  10. oh she made your avatar?
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