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Conversation Between MadMirrors and TTheDDoctor

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  1. hello
  2. Huh, never even heard of that program before. Well, I suppose I could begin by helping you find tutorials for it...


    ...There, that should be an adequate place to start. If you need specific tutorials, then just keep searching. (or alternatively, just beg me to dig one up)
  3. cinema 4d r14
  4. ...What's the name of your program?
  5. its like you have flash 8 and i have flash cc its similar just with extra stuff not that much diffren form yours they have the same set up just sned me sum tuts
  6. Well, considering the 3D software you're using isn't the same as my own, I can't exactly help you much. My advice is to search for tutorials online, probably via YouTube.
  7. Well I can't fite you now without knowledge of how to use it.Maybe you could help speed me up by directing me to tutorials. That would be nice. Or you could teach me yourself.
  8. "Once i know how to use"

    Yeah... You see, this is exactly what I'm talking about. T_T
  9. yeah I here ya, it would be best to do that, I'm trying to learn how to use this 3d software I have which is similar to yours, Once i know how to use I'll battle you in the 3 dimensions
  10. Yeah, I kinda just stopped messing with clans after trying out for Xantus. (after which the clan immediately went inactive and pretty much died) Been trying to blaze a bloody trail of RHG battles, but people are slow. Everyone is slow. I can't even get shit done in their absence because nobody's officially accepted my invitations to battle- mostly they just queue me. At this rate, I'm probably just gonna abandon my current lineup and search for gladiators on my hitlist who are actually ready to gear up.
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