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Conversation Between MadMirrors and GuardianTempest

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  1. i'll fight right after i fiish my demo and after i defeat shadow rose then i'll fight you i also have a story too but its shookig ad i find it very funny
  2. Hahahaha okay, I'd never thought we'd actually battle then.

    I have a mental storyboard just for you then.
  3. i didn't say it'd be soon just at some poit
  4. I currently am queued for a lot of battles though
  5. i'm going to battle you at some poit
  6. You kids and your skyrim mods.
  7. Mirror uses kickboxing Mirrors uses boxing and MrMI use taekwondo
  8. I'm having a bit of interpretation problems with your fighting style due to color mismatches, which personality uses Taekwondo and which one uses boxing?
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