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Conversation Between Kanga-B and Shensurei

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  1. I don't know why you're bothering to tell me this.
  2. Girl it has passed 20 days, so our ban from the shop is lifted, and we'll order by the correct format, and I apologize for being a jerk
  3. You challenged me, I was replying to your original challenge.
  4. i deny rhe challenge, sorry, i'm busy, and i know watcha doin'
  5. So you don't want to battle? Awesome, it'll be a rape anim then.
  6. no, i'm serious, you're better than me :|
  7. Oh no. A small defect in an otherwise far superior piece of art. That makes you SO much better than me
  8. no way, i'm better in art, because 1 of your katana has those red triangles weren't precisely put, mine are, but your better than me in animation
  9. I'm guessin you still want to battle me since you're obviously much better than I am at animation and art.
  10. Didn't think you would.
    So now you have my answer to your previous challenge.
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