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Conversation Between Exile and Ipman

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  1. Check the latest active thread in the general section.
  2. good. I'm a big cuddly teddy bear, nothing to be afraid of here.
  3. Damn, Nish is really convincing..
    Well, it seems like it didn't really affect you so I guess that's alright.
    And for the record:
    I still am not afraid of you.
  4. It's no big deal, it was all in good fun.
  5. Mother fucker, I knew from the very start I was being trolled. I have humiliated myself and lessened the chance of me being a forum helper :/
    Why did I even?!? Ugh fuck!
  6. That's because it was one big joke from Nish. You so fell for it, and it made my entire day, so thank you for your gullibility. For the record I'm almost 24 and I don't have an older brother.
  7. I have no fucking idea right now.. My head hurts
  8. "When exactly will this stop? Until exile surrenders? Cause I think he would'nt"

    why would I surrender to you. surrender what?
  9. They go to the report section in the Bat Cave and yeah, we can see it
  10. Just out of curiosity, where does my reports go? And can sectional mods see it?
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