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Conversation Between kronusFA and Kon

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  1. well, umm, maybe it wont useful...
    better if u challenge another guy and beat him to equalize ur point
  2. You think I should finish it? I mean if you're okay with that sure

    And okay sounds good
  3. woah maybe if u finish, voters will need some time to choose between us .
    nice job c:

    we should do joint sometime
  4. its k let me see it
  5. Well... Idk if I'm going to finish it, I don't really want to since I lost
  6. also did you going to finish ur part?
  7. yeah, lets do a rematch later :>
  8. I'm better then what I did I just had no time but maybe when I free up we can go again
  9. dude, i dont even watch ur battle already...
    well nice to battle ya m8. to be honest, i was expecting much much more from ya /:
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