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Conversation Between Conflate. and Azure

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  1. How do you put a spoiler on a thread againí?
  2. Considering she's jiggling her titties with nothing but large triangular pasties on, she's always had poor taste in ta-ta restrictive clothing.
  3. Hehehe I think Grace needs a better bra brand.
  4. You cheeky artist you.
  5. I use windows paint.
  6. I've been drawing by hand primarily because I've not had the time to get used to my new tablet, but I do have some kinda fancy software (Painter X5).
  7. Do you use those fancy softwares to draw pictures? Or are you just a casual like me.
  8. Not yet. College homework comes first. I'll hopefully be able to work on it today.
  9. Did you ever start the mermaid-vampire?
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