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Conversation Between Conflate. and Azure

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  1. A new friend thought I disliked them, though I try to come across as a snarky but decent friend. It's a bit disheartening.
  2. How are you broken hearted exactly?
  3. I'll live. Broken hearted, but I'll live.
  4. I'm sorry I hurt you. Did not mean to do that.
  5. It'd be pretty sucky since I'd hazard you've got a decent future in other fields.
  6. Lmao I hope that never ever happens, I won't take it that far... I hope.
  7. No, no, because slippery slope. Like a bunny that gets a taste for blood, I worry you'll get a taste for taking from rich guys until you end up in prison trying to figure out if that large brutish woman is offering you protection because she genuinely likes you, or if it's because she wants you to try a new flavor of taco.
  8. Why is that, is it because I steal hearts?
  9. That's pretty fair reasoning, but I do have the concern you'll upgrade (or downgrade, depending on perspective) from golddigger to "legal thief" status. Or at the worst, Black Widow.
  10. I've heard it's a simple way to make a living by doing nothing except pleasing a rich old person, or young, idk.
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