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  1. Know what? I'm curious. Why do you aspire to be a golddigger?
  2. Nobody is mean for having their own opinion. They're only mean for trying to force it. As long as you don't go around insulting the Pivot users, there should be no reason to feel mean.
  3. I feel like a mean person, because I slightly dislike Pivot animations. Like when I go into the RHG forum to look at some demos and see a pivot one, I kind of dislike that. I guess I'm unsportsmanlike.
  4. I say you've got an alright chance. If ya got a dream, might as well shoot for it.
  5. I'm the girl on the left of my profile picture, I guess I might have some potential...? I hope...
  6. Hey, if you wanna be a golddigger, then you be the best damn golddigger you can be. You have my full support.
  7. Well I have no hopes because I am lazy other than becoming a golddigger.
  8. Well, I'm in college, have a super fancy job in a few weeks, an interview for another job after that, and have to apply for another job.
  9. Hah. I have no job or anything to do that's why I have decided to waste my time working on becoming good at animating.
  10. You and your sarcasm. >u> I'm a chef by trade, so I don't get to spend as much free time getting my skills back up as I like. Especially when drawing is much easier and can be done nearly anywhere.
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