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Conversation Between acutelatios and GuardianTempest

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  1. I'm fulfilling my promise of completing an incomplete work. I feel very writing inclined on fridays (which is right now) since my first class in the morning is Literature.
  2. Hmm, yeah. What are you planning exactly~?
    6 w o
  3. Well, since you're a mod now you can bring back threads from soft deletion right? (When it's only visible by you guys) Not right now though, I'm preparing something.
  4. Hmm, depends on what it is~but I'll see what I can do~
    o w o
  5. Hey acute, can I ask you a favor?
  6. Haha, I wouldn't say that but thanks~!
    Good foresight~
    o w o
  7. And sure enough, my vision came true or something. This should've happened a long time ago.
  8. He can set up a mental link to different people if he wishes but he tends not to unless he knows them personally for a while. Most of the time he just lets Rhami do most of the talking~

    He can talk too if he takes on a human form, but he hasn't learned that yet~

    o w o
  9. Hmmm, even though Astor has a mental link can he
  10. Hahaha~really~?
    o w o
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