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  1. Nice idea man. Loops said we should join their discord server. It's in their clan.
  2. Let's do this, for a official collaboration a clan need to be full. So basically the collab is by Toxigen and we as Petrichor will be "guests" since we r allies, it will be accepted. We do not need to loo for new members :^)
  3. Best of luck to you too. But one last thing.

    We might be doing a Clan collaboration with Toxigen. I asked Loops yesterday and he said yes. We're going through further details soon. you agree dude? And we also need atleast 1 or two more members. Toxigen has four.
  4. Sounds good, I'm finishing school year so I only can working on collabs right now projects next year :^)
  5. and I might join SPAC. Maybe for an activity.
  6. Check the clan. do it. see yah.
  7. Yes, I will
    I was finishing some details I'll send it later wait pliz :^]]
  8. Ya still gonna send the fla?
  9. sure thing. that's gonna be great.
  10. oh yes, :^) I do
    Btw I'm gonna send you a fla. we will make a joint for The WALL collab I already did my part is just 5 secs.
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