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Conversation Between Mustika and Terror-Sama

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  1. Oh okay
  2. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. Depending on the free time I have XD
    I guess my laptop problem got a bit fixed now. But I still can't use it optimally haha
  3. Haha thanks,so you won't be participating on BSE.
    Even if you get another laptop?
  4. Yoo Terror, I already did man. Looking good so far, tho I won't be able to watch the demo because I'm stuck on the phone as my laptop kinda got busted now. Good luck with your new RHG~
  5. Hey please check my rhg page..
  6. Yep thanks btw..
  7. Oooh thanks duude
    You're gonna participate on BSE? Good luck to ya~
  8. Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY mussy!!!!!!!
  9. Been so long since our convo so I kinda forgot about it XD now I remember
  10. Yeah you did,check the previous pages
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