StickPage Spring Animation Competition - For Glory: eSports - $5,000 in prizes, 15 placements, $1,500 first prize!
BEGINNER'S StickPage Spring Animation Competition - Unconventional Weapons - $1,000 in prizes!

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  1. It sounds like a nice timing indeed.. let me know when you upload the page
  2. Yea I just gotta upload the page. We can start next week and maybe end August 9th?
    Hows that sound?
  3. Are you done with your rhg? I am up for it but wouldnt mind an extensive due date since i got some collabs and clan projects aswell
  4. still up for that rhg battle?
  5. lmao my rhg will be up pretty soon don't worry. Prepare yourself.
  6. Depending on how much the time for that is... Then it wioll be a deal... If its too long then i shall look for another opponent but Then fight you >: D
  7. After I post my new RHG, I'll accept your challenge.
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