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    Wait a minute.... OH SH-
    Congrats you fuck <3
  2. Well for now I got school but I'm slowly getting back to the wRHG since I not too long ago posted my character and of course there are the video games xD
    Guess we're both living the life B^)
  3. I've been doing lots of writing, university, and loads of video games. I'm livin' the life B-)
    How's things been for you?
  4. What have you been doing lately? c:
    Lol kidding. Hi
  6. Hello Devour
  7. Can you change my character to age 23?
    Also add the last name toran
    (I agree with gyordon. I was at first thinking of this character being a alien linguist.)
  8. Fire sniper rifle it is
  9. Hey bro.
    Can you do me a favor and add a fire sniper to my weapon list?
    (He is the commander so he needs to see the battle field in zoomed view.)
  10. fixed it
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