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  1. Aww, can you just PM me the details tho? Like do a small paint drawing w/o details then just say the details in message or just anything so i can know haha.
    But if you're busy then thats fine dude, i can wait ;D
  2. I actually couldn't find anything on the web that looked like the area in the RP. Disregard me
  3. Ohh, thanks! And sorry, my bad.
  4. The Captains are the leaders of the good guys. The Revs are the leaders of the bad guys, and the Rev starts out alone.

    I don't really know how to summarize how it'll work. Just read the thread carefully maybe.

    Your cover gets blown when you make a mistake that lets an enemy figure out that you're a Captain or Revolution player. Using a Neuralizer on the Captain won't work, and instead it'll reveal to the Captain that you tried to do that, and thus you must be the Rev Head. Same thing if you're the Captain and you try to inject the Rev Head with a thing to make them immune to the Neuralizer. Also, ask any further questions on the thread so that everyone can have their answers answered if they were wondering the same thing
  5. Awesome! A space game haha.
    Although there are things I don't get like, why do the Captains (they're the bad guys right?) Have the Neutralizer, which makes a person turn into a Rev if their enemy is the Revs?
    And can you summarize how this is gonna work? (I'm sorry, some of it I really don't get)
    All I know already is that Revs are gonna need to get as much members as possible and be undercover.
    What I don't really get is how do you hide and how does your cover get blown? (Don't worry, I did read everything but I just didn't understand some stuff)
    Other than all that this game is gonna be awesome haha
  6. I made a forum game! Look it up any time you want ;>
  7. Oh man yes of course! Ill be sure to check it asap if ever you do make one : >
  8. Oh baby ;> I'm not running any games at the moment, but there dont seem to be any running right now so the time is ripe to start something if I have a neat idea. If I start something, I'll let you know B-)
  9. Hey Dev! Do you have any games going on at the moment? Id love to see haha
    I love your games
  10. Oh lol I'm surprised I never mentioned that to you. No problemo
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