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Conversation Between HyMaster and Pickup

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  1. lol ikr. I'm like checking the pages every now and then. I even checked the USA time and Anyway it's good that you're expecting it! Thanks! Don't expect much action btw
  2. Lol ur the last of us tribute is not here yet. btw i can't wait. x)
  3. I have. Thanks Again!
  4. lol okay. thats why it says 30 day free trial when you downloaded it.. btw edit u post
  5. Oh damn! I really didn't know it wasn't free.Cuz I'm a pirate. Anyway thanks for reminding me
  6. nope xD it's no free really have to pay for it.. unless if u prefer a trial xP
  7. I said Macromedia Flash Portable so it's okay I guess. Because the portable is totally free. I guess
  8. Hey bro u might get infracted/ban for telling flash8 is free. it's againts the rules.. you should actually say that you could have a trial for about 30 days. mods are hunting. edit your post

    (do not argue with me)
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