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  1. i do actualy need you!pine left!and now we're at 3 spots left!
    god fucking dammit !
  2. As with you! I see your clan has grown, turns out you might not need me at all!
  3. looking forward to see how you improved!
  4. Quite. Didn't mean to leave without saying goodbye, but I did anyway. After considering RHG, I realized how unprepared I truly was, and how unmotivated I was to animate at the time. Now that I have gottid guddd, I have resurfaced. Thanks for the welcome!
  5. Long Time No See
  6. hey,if i can get a reference image,i can make you an rhg image!
  7. no prob
  8. i'll try my best to get you some ideas
    i just made up something,
    Mike the Cold Fighter
    At the age of fourteen mike's best friend betrayed him by drowning him on porpouse in a cold lake,but 10 years later he was found and taken to the surface,luckily,he was freezed,but not dead(like what's said about walt disney)and will destroy everyone he has to kill his enemy.
    is this ok?
  9. sup grid. Might not get that tryout in for a little bit... I've recently run into a sort of road block.

    Here I was, animating as I do. I'm well into my RHG demo, so well into it that it seems like I might be able to finish it that day. However, all of the sudden a wave of thought and emotion came over me. And that's when I realized it, the dreaded moment came when... I lost interest in my RHG. I finally saw him as a whole, saw his RHG career and the battles that might ensue and I thought... god he's fucking boring. Every fight will just be the same shit over and over again. There is nothing interesting about this character and quite honestly, it's hard to comprehend how I even got this far on a character this boring.

    But I digress. Hopefully you weren't looking forward to my tryout too badly. Maybe you can help me come up with some ideas.
  10. i want it a bit detailed,but i preffer if you do a 2d fast fight,that would be great
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