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Conversation Between Charry and Not_Nish

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  1. Any message from you always is.
  2. I'm hoping this was a sufficient welcome back.
  3. I haven't checked stickpage in ages, so I just saw this.

    I would definitely fuck the asshole and pretend it was a chick. However, if I had to GET fucked, I would choose to drink the molten shit.

    Either way, dick-cutting is not an option.
  4. So I have a serious question.
    If someone gave these two options to avoid having your dick cut off:
    -Fuck another dude in his hairy arsehole for 1 hour.
    -Drink 3 pints of molten shit.
    Which would you do? Or would you let him cut your dick off?
  5. Why are you and BitchEnder being mean to each other?
  6. Its ok, I have progeria so I've reached sexual maturity faster. Ever tried unraveling a shriveled banana?
  7. your only 16!?
    aww, I guess our romantic night out will have to wait 2 more years.
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