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Conversation Between Drone and Berry

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  1. Hey Drone, I'm back for more animation tips!

    So where'd you get the Elsword voice pack? I'd recognize Raven anywhere.
  2. Hey Drone can you delete my current RHG?

    Here :

    I'm making a new one again. This time, I'm sticking to it.
  3. Hey Drone here's another RHG that rotoscoped a demo.

    Post by Terroarc : Here's proof

    ^ Proof provided by Terroarc.
    But the guy did change his demo before you dudes found out. Is that ok? Did he dodge a bullet there?

    His Demo 2 in his front page used to be the "Roto 1" demo that Terroarc posted. He just recently changed it.

    What Terroarc made is just a comparison between Hyun's combo and the guy's work.
  4. These Sakuga Mads are really helpful. Thanks again.
  5. Idunno man, I usually just wing it. If you're out of ideas you can try watching some sakuga MADs on youtube, that's usually what I do to get the inspiration flowing
  6. Hey Drone. What do you do when you run out of ideas? And you have a pressing deadline closing in?
  7. I'm in the spur of the moment right now. Don't let the senpai thing bother you :v
  8. I've decided.

    You're going to be my senpai.
    No turning back now...

    I just really love how you do animations...
    Like... Besides all the other styles out there. I admire yours.

    Watch me senpai... I'll make you proud ^^... I guess

    In any case, looking forward to your next animation.
  9. Thanks for the tips.

    I'm still at my second year of animating so I might end up like you in the future. Someday... Maybe... Somehow...
  10. (cont. cus of character limit)
    -I tend to do an extremely rough version of the animation in my storyboard. Like all double/triple/quadruple and up framing. And then I animate the whole thing over again in full quality over that after that's done or sometimes when I run out of ideas, while I'm doing it. There's no set way to storyboard, everyone does it differently, if what you're doing works for you then go for it man
    -My dojo:
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